středa 28. srpna 2019

A positive post about negativism

If I ask you to tell me five things about yourself, what would it be? Would those things be all positive? Negative? You'd probably throw there some neutrals as well.

The thing is, if I start to think about myself, the first thing that comes to mind is that I am lazy. Not a great start, huh? Remaining four will not be so hot either.

If you ask me about my five things, I wouldn't most likely start with the fact that I am funny or intelligent, because that's just simply not how we present ourselves to society these days. Self love is great in theory, but presenting myself as a self-loving person in the true sense of word is not accepted by people and might be (and often is) viewed as egoistic and self-centred.

"I'm fluffier than you'll ever be" 

Is there anyone who is thinking about themselves extremely positively while maintaining objectivity and not sliding into narcissism? I am not talking about 'I guess I'm kinda ok-ish person' positivity. I am talking about 'I am good looking, intelligent human with better sense of humour than most' kind and not just repeating it as some sort of mantra.

I have a colleague, let's call her Hannah. I've known her for almost three years, yet I've never heard her say anything good about herself. She is always complaining how she cannot do certain things because she doesn't have skills to do them and how everyone must think she's an idiot because she is forced to communicate in the language in which she doesn't excel. I wonder how much of that failure is caused by her bringing herself down.

"Everything's ruined"

I've read somewhere that the most important person in your life is you. Whether that's how you view yourself or not, negative thinking about yourself should not be part of your life. If you think negatively about supposedly the most important person in your life, how do you expect others to think about you?

"I hope he doesn't smell that tuna from yesterday"

Negativism never does anything good for you. Not even if you use it as a way to protect yourself from the possible unpleasant outcomes that might or might not occur in the future. As Newt Scamander said: "Worrying means you suffer twice." I would just add that negative thinking means you suffer all the time.